Ken Ballweg


“I get a boost of confidence and hope in our future as I contemplate how composed, articulate, faith-filled, and full of ambition our graduates are. Their accomplishments and servant attitude is further proof of the winning formula found in the classrooms of St. Ambrose Academy.”

Former St. Ambrose Board President Ken Ballweg is deeply committed to Catholic education, which he believes is the best way to form young people who are prepared to take on the challenges facing our world. Over the years, Ken has seen St. Ambrose challenge and equip students to grow in knowledge and develop the skills needed to persuasively dispel errors and champion truth, thus learning how to become part of the solution for themselves and for many who struggle. He looks forward to seeing the school grow and plant ever deeper roots in the community.

Ken is the CEO of Endres Mfg. Company in Waunakee, a steel manufacturing company. Ken served on the Campaign Executive Committee for the new St. Paul’s University Catholic Center, as well as the building committee for St. John the Baptist’s church in Waunakee. He is the past president and current charter member of the Madison chapter of Legatus and is involved in the Waunakee Rotary Club. He is a major supporter of Edgewood High School and College and has served on the boards of St. Mary’s Hospital, Catholic Charities, and Camp Grey. Ken holds a degree in history from UW-Madison.