Anna Delaney


“My goal is to make them want to get to heaven.”

Anna Delaney is joining the St. Ambrose faculty this year as the sixth grade religion teacher. Anna is looking forward to getting to know the students, assisting them in knowing and loving God, and helping them realize that God wants them to be happy. She hopes her students gain the understanding that their whole life should be striving to get to heaven where they’ll be the happiest they could ever be.

Anna earned her master’s in theology with an emphasis on catechetics from Franciscan University in Steubenville. She also holds a communication degree with a minor in math from the Eastern Washington University.

Anna has been an employee at the Diocese of Madison for ten years and currently serves as the Director of Safe Environment for the Diocese of Madison. She enjoys providing support to parishes that are in transition or are implementing new software. Prior to her diocesan work, Anna worked for remodeling businesses and earned a design emphasis. She was also worked for the pro-life movement after completing her graduate degree.