Grant Emmel


“We provide a means for the child to learn and have success and failure without it being life-ending. You can give them practice being an adult without being an adult.”

Grant Emmel is a founding member of St. Ambrose and this year joins the faculty as a math teacher. He and his wife Nancy desired a place where their children could have the freedom to grow spiritually and academically while still under careful parental guidance. Grant believes that St. Ambrose prepares students to go out into the world by giving them the tools they need to do so–an academically rigorous education and a thorough understanding of their Catholic faith. 

Grant’s strategic thinking, skills in coordinating large-scale projects, and ability to attract supporters have played a key role in helping grow the school. Grant and Nancy are the parents of four St. Ambrose graduates and one current student. 

Holding a master’s in engineering from Platteville, Grant is an electronics instructor at MATC and as well as an engineering consultant. In addition to helping start St. Ambrose, he also helped found Safe Place for Newborns to protect infants from abandonment, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. Grant is a member of the Knights of Columbus and enjoys spending time with his family in his free time.