Heather Jones

English and Grammar

“The classical method of teaching speaks to the universal truths of the human person, reflecting the true, good, and beautiful of the human experience. It also is a better method for teaching writing, as it builds on itself and follows more closely the developmental milestones of the child.”

St. Ambrose is thrilled to welcome alumna Heather Jones to its teaching faculty!

After graduating from St. Ambrose, Heather attended Benedictine College in Kansas where she received degrees in English and education. She taught for two years at St. Benedict’s Catholic School in Kansas. She then moved back to Wisconsin and served as the second and third grade teacher at St. Peter’s in Ashton. She currently tutors students in English, Latin, and math.

Heather has a deep appreciation for the classical method of teaching. In her classes this year, Heather will be teaching ancient stories like Beowolf, which are archetypes for all of history and influence later classic and modern literature, such as the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

When not in the classroom, Heather enjoys choreographing for the St. Ambrose musical, hiking, and playing board games.