Heidi Gust

Math and Science

“My goal is to help relate math and science to my students’ lives so that they can see why they’re important to learn, and also show how those subjects ultimately relate to God.”

St. Ambrose is excited to welcome Heidi Gust to its faculty! Heidi will be teaching junior high math and science in the 2022-2023 school year. 

A Wisconsin Rapids native, Heidi attended UW-Madison and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and a double minor in math and science. Heidi is looking forward to teaching in a Catholic setting where the sciences can be taught in a greater context of the Catholic faith. Heidi first learned about St. Ambrose through meeting St. Ambrose alumni at the St. Paul’s Catholic student center on the UW-Madison campus.

In her free time, Heidi enjoys spending time with others, reading books, and putting her math skills to creative use in sewing.