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Dr. Rob Marsland


“I think the most important thing about the education found at St. Ambrose Academy is that it is a direct encounter with essentially every aspect of Catholic culture. I am excited to be a part of this experience.”

Rob Marsland has a long history with St. Ambrose Academy: one of the first founding families, a former Board member, sometime geometry tutor…and now he’s adding math teacher to the list!

Rob brings a wealth of experience in his leadership and entrepreneurial roles, applying scientific and mathematical principles in real-world applications. As a co-founder or founder of several companies throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of technology developments in the electrical engineering and telecom industries. In addition to the development of technology, Rob has also initiated grant-sponsored research and managed engineers and production personnel during his impressive career. He has been responsible for taking technology and developing practical commercial products using the latest advances in laser technology.

Rob has previously taught at the college level as an associate lecturer of electromagnetics and circuit theory in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department at UW-Madison from 2003-2006.

Originally from Arizona, Rob attended Arizona State for undergraduate studies and Stanford University for graduate school. During this time, he met his wife Diane and after graduation, they moved to Wisconsin to be closer to her family. They are the proud parents of seven children, including their youngest, a St. Ambrose Academy senior, and two grandchildren with whom they enjoy spending as much time as possible.

Rob and Diane also love to travel, taking pilgrimages to Rome and Israel most recently. He has taken up ham radio as another hobby (call sign is AC9ZU!) and describes this most recent pastime as “an awesome way to communicate with people all over the world without needing big tech.” As an electrical engineer, he’s enjoying the electronics side of the hobby, buying ready-to-use components but also applying his own technical skills to creating his set-up.

Students are sure to benefit from the rich experiences and knowledge Rob brings to the classroom and we are grateful to have his many gifts contributing to a successful academic year!