Rosie Francis

Religion and Music

“It brings a lot of joy to me to experience the excitement of St. Ambrose students. It’s a light to the world to see that there are young people who are excited about learning and sharing their faith.”

St. Ambrose Academy welcomes Mrs. Rosie Francis to our school as a 6th grade religion and music teacher. Mrs. Francis hails from nearby Deforest and attended UW-Madison for Music Education. She met her husband Patrick, a fellow music major, in classes and through involvement at St. Paul Catholic Center and they welcomed their first baby, Joseph, on the Solemnity of St. Joseph in 2022.

Having grown up playing clarinet since 6th grade, Mrs. Francis knew she wanted music to be a part of her future in some way. Combining her love for children and teaching, she is now able to share the many benefits of music with St. Ambrose Guardians. She strives to give students the tools to engage with music in a meaningful way and give them a vocabulary to talk about music they hear or the tools to create music on their own.

Mrs. Francis loves teaching both religion and music classes to the 6th grade because it gives both her and the students a more complete picture of one another as they get to spend more time together during the week. She is delighted by the boundless enthusiasm of 6th graders and their eagerness to participate in classes, such as sharing their favorite prayers during a religion lesson, and is thankful to be surrounded by warm and welcoming fellow educators.

Outside of St. Ambrose Academy, Mrs. Francis also provides infant and toddler care during mornings at a local Catholic school and enjoys spending time hiking in the outdoors with my family and friends, playing board games, and trying out new recipes. Welcome, Mrs. Francis!