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Greg Wagner


“I’m getting much better at stepping back and trying to see where the Lord is leading before I jump.”

The St. Ambrose board is very grateful to have Greg Wagner, who provides a listening ear, a drive to get to the bottom of a situation in order to fully understand it, as well as a much-appreciated sense of humor. Greg focuses on the insurance and benefits portion of the board work.

No stranger to Catholic education, Greg attended St. Peter’s grade school in Ashton, then Holy Name Seminary for high school and two years of college before finishing up at UW-Madison with a bachelor’s in sociology and a minor in psychology. Greg is passionate about his work with St. Ambrose because he values how Catholic teaching is integrated into the school’s entire curriculum and is enlivened by the sacraments. He’s seen first-hand the success St. Ambrose has had in forming critical thinkers through the classical method of teaching. 

Greg is also the president of the Women’s Care Center Madison, Inc. He is proud to have spearheaded its building campaign and have gotten the program off and running. Additionally, he serves as an officer in the Knights of Columbus in Cross Plains. He and his wife Ann have three adult children and five grandchildren.