Liza Campanella

Science and Math

“As a teacher, I feel that it is really important to get to know each student and their learning style, which is possible in this small school setting. Using my background in neuroscience, I love trying out different learning styles and study methods with my students to see what will make the information stick.”

After working in neuroscience labs and as a teaching assistant during her undergraduate career, Liza Campanella decided to serve others as a teacher. Liza strives to help students find their strengths in the classroom and enjoys helping them learn how to use their God-given ability to become lifelong learners.

Liza studied neuroscience and biology in college because she loved learning about the intricacy, uniqueness, and beauty of the human mind and body. She enjoys answering her students’ questions about God’s creation in biology and physical science. Liza also likes teaching math because of its logic and the interesting observations about the world students reach when solving word problems.

Liza received her B.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a major concentration in Cellular Neuroscience and a minor in Psychology from the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University. She spent time after graduation as a substitute teacher and volunteer in local schools in South Florida before starting at St. Ambrose Academy. Liza enjoys traveling and playing the fiddle, which she’s even played for her students on occasion.