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Discover the Ambrose Advantage!


We’re excited you’ve taken this step to learn about our powerful teaching program at this landing page and throughout our website. It could be the start of something GREAT for your family!

Places that are ‘alive’ grow!

From our beginning in the early 2000’s to now, enrollment has grown over 1,500% as more families desire the uniquely effective approach at St. Ambrose Academy. Yet at just under 200 total enrollment across grades 6-12, we still enjoy the benefits of a truly close-knit community.


Parents throughout the greater Madison area – up to 50 miles away – seek us to be a partner in forming their children to learn how to critically reason, live selflessly for others, find their identity in Christ, and chart a path of success.


What parents find is our time-tested curriculum, robust Learning Services department that helps all learners achieve their goals, explosion of extra-curriculars and athletic offerings, skilled and faithful faculty who lead and inspire students, and a rich sacramental life that sustains and nourishes.

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The document below provides a quick overview of our school (including student outcomes), responses to frequently asked questions, and ways to learn even more!

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We’d love to meet with you to discuss the tailored aspirations you have for your child(ren), with every confidence that: Greatness. Begins. Here.