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Student Life

Home and School Connection

Connected to Christ… and Each Other!

Christ is everything for us! And because He is, loving one another in relationships is everything, too! St. Ambrose Academy has always cultivated a close-knit student body with strong relationships not only between students but also with faculty and staff.

But where do students’ families fit in? How do parents fit into the equation?  

Now more than ever, it’s time to make connections to build authentic community for students, staff and families to enrich everyone. Home and School Connection is a parent volunteer organization that welcomes ALL parents to enhance our school community by:

  • Deepening relationships through social activities geared toward students and toward parents throughout the year.
  • Welcoming new families and staying in touch with continuing families.
  • Supporting our amazing staff with fun “extras” to show our appreciation and bring a little of the “extraordinary” into the ordinary school day.

Another layer of making connections is through our brand-new Spanish-speaking Outreach program. Not only will more communications be translated into Spanish for our Spanish-speaking school families but also we will have Spanish-speaking Ambassadors to assist them. Spanish-speaking Ambassadors are parents who are experienced with St. Ambrose Academy and ready to help in any way.

Whether you are fulfilling some (or all!) of your volunteer hours, as a Home and School Connection volunteer or just happy to get involved, we welcome your ideas and contributions. Together, we can extend the close-knit community on the St. Ambrose Academy school campus back home to school families. 

We want to connect with YOU! Contact Home and School Connection Co-Director Laura Karlen for more on this initiative.

Let’s Coffee Break!

Drop in for coffee and conversation each week on Thursday mornings during the 2023-2024 school year, when parents can stay after morning school drop-off to visit and enjoy a cup of joe!

Looking for more connections? Here is a handy list of St. Ambrose Academy staff ready to answer your questions: