Learning Services

The beauty of a Catholic classical education is that it values children as creatures made in the image and likeness of God who are meant to be with Him. To foster that beauty, we help all students to seek and find Truth through a curriculum that plays to diverse strengths. In the classical model, we view education as training, and we view each student as an individual with unique capabilities. We use Socratic dialogue to help students learn how to respond to ideas using their God-given reason and intellect, and then we give them well-marked pathways to use to develop skills that they can then apply to all academic disciplines.

Learning Services provides academic support for students who benefit from attention outside the standard curriculum. Committed to helping all learners succeed, Learning Services offers many types of support for students at no extra cost to families (some specific tutoring may have a fee).

The overarching goal of Learning Services is to create an environment where all students feel good about learning and the support they are receiving. We accomplish this by creating a space where students can see themselves improving and experience the results of hard work. 

Classical Education is for ALL students!

Approximately 20% of St. Ambrose Academy students receive regular academic services tailored to support their unique learning challenges. Learning Services are overseen and coordinated by Dean of Academic Success Michael Kwas and implemented by Director of Enrollment and Learning Services Specialist Angela Hineline. They are joined by English and Grammar teacher Katie Behrens and a team of tutors. 

It takes real teamwork to support a student with learning challenges, and at St. Ambrose Academy, we view parents as the first educators of their children. We value and appreciate parental expertise.  We believe that strong home and school partnerships are an important part of student success.  We invest time and care into our parent-teacher relationships because we believe that together we can move mountains.

Our approach to assisting families and students with learning needs is dynamic and individualized.

  1. Learning Services delivers individualized academic support to students by
    • Designing and implementing Academic Support Plans for students with unique learning challenges.
    • Providing academic coaching and remedial support to students who need extra attention with homework completion and test preparation.
    • Offering a writing lab led by a faculty writing specialist.
    • Collaborating with The Learning Atrium to ensure students with Dyslexia receive tailored reading intervention.
    • Creating proactive feedback loops between home and school to ensure academic goals for individual students are met.
  2. Education at St. Ambrose Academy is a highly collaborative effort amongst the Learning Services Department, students, and parents. Learning Services works in partnership with faculty members by
    • Providing training and resources to teachers supporting students with unique challenges.
    • Assisting teachers with meeting learning needs during major class assignments, such as research papers and science projects.
  3. Additionally, Learning Services provides enrichment to all St. Ambrose students in various ways throughout the year, including:
    • Drop-in support for any student who needs a little extra help with homework.
    • Writing workshops.
    • Guidance with independent study opportunities.

St. Ambrose Academy values every student

The ultimate goal of classical education is to form life-long learners in a Catholic environment.  At St. Ambrose Academy, the Learning Services Specialist becomes the student’s learning coach, academic skills trainer, and encourager.  The specialist, like a St. Simon of Cyrene, walks alongside the student, helping carry the load until they reach the finish line.

If you would like to learn more about Learning Services and how we can serve your student, please reach out to Angela Hineline at We look forward to helping your student reach their greatest potential!