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Day in the Life

We believe that education begins in wonder and aims at wisdom.  It’s an active process and hard work to achieve growth and your fullest potential.  But anything worth having is worth the effort, and the extra effort is ultimately more engaging for the whole person, and therefore, far more fun! 


– Dr. Constance Nielsen

A Day in the Life of St. Ambrose Academy

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Example Schedule

Arrival Period:  7:30am-7:55am

To accommodate the work/school schedules of commuting parents hailing from a variety of cities across Dane County and beyond, St. Ambrose Academy offers a staggered arrival period. Upon arrival, students check in with door monitors and then proceed to their assigned homeroom for early morning socializing and/or study.

Homeroom:  8:00am-8:10am

The morning bell sounds and the school day officially begins in each student’s grade level assigned homeroom. During homeroom, attendance is taken, a morning offering of prayer is made, and school-wide announcements are shared.

Advisory:  8:15am-8:45am

Advisory is held three times a week. Students are provided with two options during this period: one, to receive individualized homework support from faculty or through our Learning Services Program or two, to use the quiet time in study hall to complete unfinished homework, prepare for quizzes and tests or to collaborate with other students on projects/assignments.

Holy Mass:  8:15am-8:45am

St. Ambrose Academy students attend Mass twice per week in our beautiful on-site St. Joseph Oratory. Spiritual direction and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available to students on a regular basis. 

Classical Studies:  8:48am-3:15pm

St. Ambrose Academy students study six core subjects: English, History, Latin, Mathematics, Religion, and Science. Students are also offered electives in Music, Band, Drama, Art, Gym, Intro to Rhetoric, and Intro to Ancient Philosophy.

Schedule Overview

St. Ambrose Academy utilizes a block schedule with Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, and rotating Friday schedules. The use of the block schedule provides teachers with longer class periods to present new material as well as ample time to ensure students receive the individualized attention needed to master the content.

Students enroll in courses based on grade level, placement testing and mastery of prerequisites. 

Block 1:  8:48am-10:08am

Block 2:  10:11am-11:31am

Lunch and Recess:  11:34am-12:14pm

Faculty and students begin this lunch and recreation period with communal recitation of the Angelus and the Catholic meal prayer. When lunches are finished, students are encouraged to head outdoors to our beautiful green space to socialize or to engage in a variety of active games. St. Ambrose Academy recess fields are often a wonderful assortment of co-ed flag football, kickball, soccer, volleyball, and spike-ball games.

Block 3:  12:17pm-1:37pm

Block 4:   1:40pm-3:00pm

Closing Prayer & Chapel:  3:05pm-3:15pm

In gratitude for the day’s blessings, St. Ambrose Academy ends each school day with communal recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Athletics & Extracurriculars

Student life at St. Ambrose Academy is vibrant! 

St. Ambrose Academy offers its students a variety of extracurricular activities including Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Golf, Track and Field, Tennis, Musical Theater, Overture Band Program, National Honor Society, Debate Club, Forensics, Guardians for Life, Strategy Games Club, Strings Club, Yearbook, Student Service Days, Student Council, Student Prayer Ministry and much more! 

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Explore the classical curriculum of St. Ambrose Academy! 

Junior High Course of Study

Sample Grade Level Course of Study

Grade 6:  Religion 6, History 6, English 6, Grammar 1, Math 6, Life Science, Gym, *Art (Semester 1) and *Music (Semester 2), *optional Band (Semester 1 & 2)

Grade 7:  Religion 7, History 7, English 7, Grammar 2, Pre-Algebra, Earth Science, Latin A, Gym, *Art (Semester 2) and *Music (Semester 1), *optional Band (Semester 1 & 2)

Grade 8:  Religion 8, History 8, English 8, Physical Science, Algebra 1, Latin B, Gym, *Art (Semester 2) and *Music (Semester 1), *optional Band (Semester 1 & 2)

High School Course of Study

Sample Grade Level Course of Study

Freshman:  Religion I, History I, English I, Latin I or II, Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra 2, Biology, and Electives (Choral Music, Band, Drama, Gym, Art)

Sophomore:  Religion II, History II, English II, Latin II or III, Geometry, Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, and Electives (Choral Music, Drama, Gym, Art, Band)

Junior:  Religion III, History III, English III, Latin III or IV, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus or Calculus, Physics or Advanced Biology, and Electives (Choral Music, Band, Drama, Gym, Art, Intro to Rhetoric, Intro to Ancient Philosophy)

Senior:  Religion IV, History IV, English IV, Latin IV, Pre-Calculus, Calculus or Calculus II, Physics, Advanced Biology, or Advanced Chemistry and Electives (Choral Music, Band, Drama, Gym, Art, Intro to Rhetoric, Intro to Ancient Philosophy)

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