Why Giving Matters

No child should be denied his or her right to an education in faith, which in turn nurtures the soul of a nation.

– Pope Benedict XVI, “Meeting with Catholic Educators,” 17 April 2008

Why Giving Matters

Since its beginning, St. Ambrose Academy has been committed to making this education accessible to families of all backgrounds. An authentic Catholic education brings together the best in academic preparation and spiritual formation to form the integral person – soul (intellect, will, emotions) and body. Rooted in a relationship with Jesus Christ and clear in one’s human and Christian identity and purpose, students gain confidence to boldly step forward on the path of adulthood as a missionary disciple.

The generous support of benefactors makes this possible, with over 50% of students receiving tuition assistance and an average tuition assistance award of $5,000. Making a St. Ambrose education affordable for families is a gift that pays dividends as students become alumni who are the priests, parents, business leaders, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and professionals of our society. These students are forming virtuous habits and a desire to serve and restore the common good. As they grow, this impact will ripple out into the world.

“St. Ambrose excels at what matters most: providing students a complete foundation in learning, virtue, and faith at the most challenging and critical stage of their lives. They’re terrific at instilling confidence and skills for life and especially for sharing the faith with clarity and charity to all those who don’t yet understand our message of Hope. What better gift could we make to society?!”

— Fred and Debbie Schwartz, Benefactors

That’s why St. Ambrose turns to the greater community and benefactors for support. It is only with the help of our benefactors that we can continue to provide families and students with the best in Catholic, classical education.

Each year we seek benefactors to continue our robust support of families through tuition assistance – well over $300,000 annually – and to retain our highly-skilled, dedicated, Catholic faculty who give their all in service to our students.  

When you make a gift to St. Ambrose Academy, you are building up the future of the Church and society. We encourage you to visit us and see just how inspiring these students are and to reach out with any suggestions about ways to grow our mission support and impact. 

For more information or to discuss supporting St. Ambrose Academy, please contact Development Director, Joseph Draves at or (920) 284-4771.

A Mission that Matters

Bishop Hying's Support

We are elated to enjoy the wholehearted support and friendship of our dear Bishop Donald J. Hying, fifth bishop of the diocese of Madison. His words of encouragement and support shared at our 13th Annual Benefit Dinner are a great inspiration to carry out the urgent task of Catholic education with ever greater perfection — for the good of souls and happy future of the Church.