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SAA Testimonies

Student & Alumni Perspectives

Our students and alumni say it best! St. Ambrose Academy’s core values – Catholic, Classical, and Close-Knit – mean that students are able to find their voice in a supportive community, grow in knowledge, and prepare for a future of faithful servant leadership.

Nick P. | Class of 2027

“It is a blessing to be able to attend this remarkable school with so many phenomenal faculty members and wonderful students.”

Joshua Z. | Class of 2024

“One of the best parts of St. Ambrose Academy is the teachers. They’re so personal and they understand how to connect what we’re learning in any class to the faith in really natural ways. They’re also hilarious and just really good teachers! What we learn in class is more than just taking in information. Everything we are doing helps us become better people and live our Catholic faith in the world.” 

Mary Lyons | Class of 2023

“My Catholic education means high standards in a faith-filled environment. I always know that before meeting a teacher or taking a class that I am going to be challenged and cared for, with Christ as the focus. My education will give me great advantages in my future because of the great people teaching and working with me every day.”

Dr. Robert Marsland, Ph.D. | Class of 2007

“I think the biggest challenge that people in science are grappling with right now is in the framing of questions. You do need the technical preparation, but the unique thing about SAA is you get a bigger perspective about history, philosophy, theology, and having a framework to integrate and ask what are the actual problems the world is facing and how have we as a people gone about solving them.”

Fr. Michael Wanta | Class of 2013

“St. Ambrose gave me the opportunity to develop my will and intellect along with knowledge and skills to learn the Faith. I was given the space and the time to fall deeper in love with God through daily masses, availability of confession, and prayer during the school day.” 

Anna Kurth | Class of 2020

“In my four years at SAA, I’ve learned to manage my time, and the school has allowed me to strengthen my relationship with God. I’m thankful for all of my teachers that have helped me when I struggled with anything in my studies, and supported me when preparing for college. 

Michael Rhatican | Class of 2019, Seminarian for the Diocese of Columbus

“Without a strong Catholic education, I would not be nearly the same person I am today. I highly doubt I would have been able to hear God calling me to discern the priesthood at seminary if I were to attend a public school. Having good support from friends and teachers will have an immeasurable effect on my future that I will forever be grateful for.”