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Course of Study

An Outstanding Foundation

Classical education leverages the unique strength of the liberal arts, developing young people’s natural capacities for knowledge, logical reasoning, and expression and equipping them to become critical thinkers, self-learners, and persuasive leaders.







A Complete Education for the Whole Person

We believe that a return to classical methodology in the context of a Christ-filled community is the most effective way to form the human person in the modern world. By providing a personalized, integrated, and complete education in the light of faith, St. Ambrose alumni are equipped to succeed in any post-secondary path they discern. We invite you to explore our rich curriculum developed to build students’ skills and their understanding of the world around them.

Students enjoy the interesting subject matter as well as the discussion-based classroom experience that goes with it. All the while, they begin to develop comprehension of the grammatical structures of language, composition and the basic framework of the Catholic Faith.

Junior High

Building A Strong Foundation

The St. Ambrose junior high curriculum provides an opportunity–for many students the first opportunity– to really grapple with the great ideas of our civilization. In a discussion-based classroom experience, students begin to develop comprehension of the grammatical structures of language, composition, and the basic framework of the Catholic faith.

Senior High

Preparing For The Future

Integration of the curriculum across all subjects provides an amazing opportunity for students. St. Ambrose leads students through progressive skills from ninth through twelfth grade with an integrated curriculum in which each grade level is centered around a specific era in history. Rather than receiving information in random and unconnected pieces, students enter into a conversation that has been taking place for millenia.