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Student Life


Athletic competition draws out of the human person some of the noblest qualities and talents. The athlete must learn the secret of his own body, its strengths and weaknesses, its stamina, and its breaking point. He must develop through long hours of exercise and effort the power of concentration and the habit of discipline, learning how to hold his strength in reserve and to conserve energy for that final moment when the victory depends on a great burst of speed or one last surge of strength.

– Pope Saint John Paul II

Check out our Athletics Program

St. Ambrose hosts its own athletics offerings – Go St. Ambrose Guardians! – and is proud to also partner with local schools to increase and enhance our students’ experiences with WIAA athletics. 

For some team sports, we have a co-op partnership with Abundant Life Christian School (ALCS), a co-op partnership with Edgewood High School, and a tri-op partnership with both ALCS and Madison Country Day School (MCDS). These partnerships also give students a wider network of teammates with whom they grow in friendship and athleticism. 

We have both spiritual and practical goals for the students involved in our athletics program:

  • To respect and care for their bodies as made in the likeness and image of God
  • To learn courage and perseverance through athletic difficulty
  • To develop loyalty toward and love for fellow students through participation in team athletics
  • To foster respect for those in authority by participating in competition
  • To give example of their faith by their sincerity and goodness through demonstrations of sportsmanship

Athletics are an important, integrated aspect of a student’s experience at St. Ambrose Academy. We encourage all students to participate in SAA athletics, whether it’s an activity they’ve enjoyed for many years or a sport they’re testing out for the first time.

I encourage all of our students to take up a sport, even if he or she doesn’t feel naturally gifted in sports. Games or sports are a model of life. They provide a way for students to ‘practice’ those same skills used in ‘normal’ life that will be needed once they leave St. Ambrose Academy, without the fear of failure or significant ramification. The idea that you can ‘walk away’ from a sporting event with a smile, win or lose, is the basis for good sportsmanship and a healthy way to practice an approach to those difficult situations in the ‘real world’ that may or may not work out as well as you had expected or hoped.

We encourage you to get to know our athletics offerings and to reach out with any questions about our program. Go, Guardians!

– Scott Schmiesing, Athletic Director