Our Mission

Omnia Christus Est Nobis

St. Ambrose Academy is a NAPCIS accredited 6-12 Catholic school whose mission is to assist parents in the formation of their children by providing a classical education rooted in the Catholic faith.
Aware that all truth has its origin and end in the person of Jesus Christ, our students study Catholic theology and college preparatory subjects through the teachings of the Magisterium and the primary works of civilization’s greatest thinkers. Offered regular access to the Sacraments and mentored by teachers who foster a deep love of Jesus Christ, students see and are led to imitate the virtues which joyfully compel a life lived in knowledge, love, and service of Christ and His Church.

Our mission is to be a trusted educational partner for parents who are seeking a complete education for their child: body, soul, heart, and mind. To accomplish this, St. Ambrose Academy offers:

  • small class sizes
  • personal attention from dedicated faculty who are fully committed to this mission
  • a time-tested classical form of education and a Learning Services department that helps all learners achieve their greatest potential
  • a diverse array of extra-curriculars
  • an integrated life of faith, including sacraments, offered by our chaplain and visiting priests, daily prayer, retreats, and a curriculum that integrates faith across subject matter

We invite you to learn more! Please reach out to us with any questions and to set up a personal visit or call. 

I’m still blown away by the formation I received in the faith and intellectually at St. Ambrose Academy and how this preparation guided me through the Naval Academy and my path afterward. 

The knowledge shared by the faculty is incredible and they encourage us to gain skills, growing intellectually and preparing for our futures. But the additional commitment to the spiritual life, having an appreciation for the beauty of the sacraments, making mass and prayer a central part of your life, these are truly special gifts that will stay with me forever. 

– 2nd Lieutenant William Donohoe, U.S. Marine Corps, St. Ambrose Academy Class of 2017

A Message from Our President

Several years ago, I was invited to join the annual benefit dinner of St. Ambrose Academy to learn more about the impact of their mission, which combines the beauty and truth of our Catholic faith with the rigor of a liberal arts education. I was immediately impressed by the caliber of these students and how well they are being prepared for the world, and even more by how much they will improve our communities and enrich our Church.

Every year since, I get a boost of confidence and hope in our future as I contemplate how composed, articulate, faith-filled, and full of ambition they are. The accomplishment and servant attitude of alumni is further proof of the winning formula found in the classrooms of St. Ambrose Academy. I can’t imagine a better way to address our growing troubles than to produce intelligent, responsible, and compassionate leaders and patriots like them – and I’ve never doubted that a solid faith-based education is the best way to achieve this goal.

In recent years and especially since joining the board, I’ve come to see and learn more how St. Ambrose challenges and equips students to grow in knowledge and develop the needful skills to persuasively dispel errors and champion the splendor of truth. As they read, write, and debate the great ideas from science and faith, antiquity and modernity – they learn to think deeply and critically about life’s recurrent challenges and opportunities. Most of all, they learn how to become part of the solution for themselves and for many who struggle – letting God lead the way. There is a ‘classical difference,’ and I’m happy to be part of this mission and solution to raise up the next great generation.

Ken Ballweg
Board President

“St. Ambrose combines the beauty and truth of our Catholic faith with the rigor of liberal arts education.” – Ken Ballweg
St. Ambrose Academy Board President


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