Anna Delaney

Anna Delaney is joining the St. Ambrose faculty this year as the sixth grade religion teacher. Anna is looking forward to getting to know the students, assisting them in knowing […]

Ahrom Thompson

Initially tasked by her parents to check out St. Ambrose on behalf of her high school brothers, Ahrom Thompson ended her tour of the school with an offer to teach […]

Quinn Myers

After receiving an undergrad in chemistry and biochemistry from Drake University and her master’s of secondary education from UW-Madison, Quinn Meyers can’t wait to share her knowledge and love of […]

Dr. Geoffrey Ludvik

Latin and history teacher Dr. Geoffrey Ludvik is a biblical archeologist who’s passionate about making history relatable to his students in order to get them excited about it too. Geoffrey […]

Joel Kurth

Joel Kurth is looking forward to his time in the classroom as St. Ambrose’s business math teacher. Joel anticipates that the practical applications of business math, such as understanding mortgages […]

Theresa Klinkhammer

As Director of Student Ministries, veteran teacher Theresa Klinkhammer creates opportunities for the students to encounter the Lord throughout the school year so that they not only know their faith, […]

Dr. John Joy

Dr. John Joy joins the St. Ambrose faculty as ninth-grade religion teacher. John is the Director of Evangelization and Catechesis for the Diocese of Madison, as well as Senior Theologian […]

Karen Edie

St. Ambrose is delighted to have Karen Edie as art teacher. Karen is a firm believer in hard work over talent. She often encourages her students to keep pushing themselves […]

Patrick Carey

St. Ambrose science and math students are often treated to carefully crafted, personalized curriculum from longtime science and math teacher and St. Ambrose founding member Patrick Carey. Through careful observance […]

Liza Campanella

After working in neuroscience labs and as a teaching assistant during her undergraduate career, Liza Campanella decided to serve others as a teacher. Liza strives to help students find their […]

Katie Behrens

Katie Behrens has taught English and grammar at St. Ambrose for the past six years and serves as the forensics coach for the school. Katie appreciates how intuitive and natural […]

Dr. Mary Skemp

Dean of Students, college counselor, and Latin and English teacher, Dr. Mary Skemp is a true asset to St. Ambrose! In the classroom, Mary is particularly skilled at leading her […]

Dr. Constance Nielsen

Dr. Constance Nielsen has been with St. Ambrose since its founding. Serving in various roles throughout the years, Connie is currently Dean of Faculty and Head of Curriculum. When hiring […]

Michael Kwas

Dean of Academic Success and history and science teacher Michael Kwas has been with St. Ambrose for over eight years. Like all the St. Ambrose teachers, Michael is more than […]

Kim Gilmore

St. Ambrose owes its smooth operations to the hard work of Kim Gilmore, who combines several different administrative roles into one position due to her accomplished business world work experiences. […]

Fr. Greg Ihm

St. Ambrose is extraordinarily blessed to have Fr. Greg Ihm as our school chaplain. Fr. Greg visits the school weekly and spends the entire day at St. Ambrose, beginning with […]

Carolyn Averill

Carolyn Averill brings a unique perspective to her role as advancement director. As a convert to Catholicism, Carolyn understands the experience of being on the outside of a community looking […]

Angela Hineline

As Director of Enrollment, Angela Hineline values being the first point of contact when a family is searching for a great school, knowing that St. Ambrose is a place that […]

Joseph Draves

Joe Draves is passionate about offering young people a complete education that can be a refuge and oasis in the world, one that corresponds to the way they’ve been created […]

Scott Schmiesing

The 2021-2022 academic year will be Scott Schmiesing’s fourteenth year as principal. Scott has blessed the school with his ability to listen carefully to the concerns of the faculty and […]

Joan Carey

Joan Carey, one of the founders of St. Ambrose Academy, continues to embrace the highly important nature of the work of forming a Catholic school. Joan recognizes the world’s urgent […]