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Joel Kurth

Business Math

“I enjoy seeing kids understand something for the first time when the concept really starts to click for them.”

Joel Kurth enjoys his time in the classroom as St. Ambrose’s business math teacher. Joel believes that the practical applications of business math, such as understanding mortgages and investments, will help ease the students’ transition to financial independence in their young adult years.  

Originally from Wisconsin, Joel and his wife Darla spent several years in New York where Joel was an institutional investment manager. He and his family have since returned to Wisconsin. Joel is currently pursuing a degree in Catholic Studies from Franciscan University in Steubenville. He also holds a bachelor’s of business administration and master’s of science in Finance, Investment, and Banking.

In his free time, Joel loves playing sports with his family, including swimming, volleyball and basketball. He is also a member of the Madison chapter of Legatus. Joel and his wife have four children, including one St. Ambrose graduate.