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Aaron Roser

Director of Student Activities, Religion and Math

“I’ve had the most fun and have learned so much myself while teaching Socratically. Our world pulls at us from every side, but studying topics that have a lot of historical longevity roots us in something firmer.”

After first moving from his home state of Illinois to Arizona, Aaron, his wife Avarie, and their two young children now call Wisconsin home. Aaron teaches math and science at St. Ambrose and also serves as the Director of Student Activities, a new position as of Fall 2024!

Aaron and his wife initially moved to Arizona to attend a Protestant seminary, after which he intended to become a professor or a pastor. A providential encounter in their ecumenical small group with a couple, who were becoming Catholic, prompted Aaron to begin asking questions that ultimately led to him falling in love with the Catholic Church.

Walking into a Mass for the first time, he felt an inexplicably profound feeling of being ‘at home’ there – a warm, reminiscent sense like coming home from college to the familiar smells, sounds, and people you love. Aaron continues to grow in his knowledge of the Faith and is particularly intrigued by the Church Fathers and the study of salvation.

His previous experience teaching in a secular classical school in Phoenix imparted an appreciation for the classical method, especially the historical longevity and weight of the topics and texts found in the classroom. He also loves teaching Socratically, guiding students in thoughtful conversations and has learned so much in the process. Coming to St. Ambrose allows Aaron the opportunity to continue teaching in a classical environment that also brings in the fullness of what the Catholic faith offers.

Outside of the classroom, Aaron loves to play (and coach!) basketball, cook, and spend time with his family. And despite being an Illinois native, Aaron is a huge Packers fan and is thrilled to be back among the kind-hearted folk found in the Midwest!