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Support St. Ambrose While You Shop!

Scrip Gift Card Programs

Now you can support St. Ambrose through your everyday normal purchases. When you buy scrip gift cards at face value directly from St. Ambrose Academy or through our RaiseRight online portal, St. Ambrose Academy receives an instant rebate from the participating retailers.

These rebates add up to thousands of dollars that St. Ambrose uses to support student scholarships or program improvements, making this outstanding education accessible to families of all backgrounds. In addition to the hundreds of retailers available through, St. Ambrose also has local partnerships with Woodman’s, Culver’s, and Delaney’s Steak & Seafood, making these popular options available to you as well.

Ways to Get Your Scrip

  • Register online at to begin purchasing e-cards or reloadable cards (many cards are reloadable after purchasing an initial physical card from our program). Securely link your bank account (optional) for instant payment & maximum shopping convenience!
  • Download the mobile RaiseRight app for point-of-sale purchases using e-cards and reloadable cards.


  • Contact St. Ambrose Academy by phone (608.827.5863) or email ( to convey an order request and to arrange a pick-up time. Even if you don’t have an online account, you may still refer to the website to verify the retailer cards and denominations available to purchase.

Use Enrollment Code CF69CF4L53L43 to support St. Ambrose Academy!