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Stephen Brooks

History and Physical Education

“I think St. Ambrose Academy will be a great place for students to receive a high-level education as well as a place for them to grow in their faith. I feel that the students will be able to grow in their whole being—spiritually in their faith, academically for their minds, in sports for their physical well-being, and in their social relations for their personal lives. The small class sizes will help them to receive personal attention so they can reach their full potential”

St. Ambrose welcomes Stephen Brooks to our faculty as a new history and physical education teacher! Though a New York native, Stephen has spent most of his adult life in Wisconsin. After completing his bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Haverford College, Stephen pursued graduate school work in history, and later studied and did field work to become a social studies teacher, both at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Stephen brings extensive experience in education, having spent 23 years as a history and geography teacher at Oaklawn Academy where he also coached running and conditioning. Outside of work, you can find Stephen biking, running, and enjoying great films and literature (the Lord of the Rings is a favorite!). He has also enjoyed volunteering with organizations like Meals on Wheels and the Sterling North Museum in Edgerton. With his recent move back to Madison, Stephen, who is legally blind, now looks forward to becoming more involved with the Wisconsin Council for the Blind.

As a Channel 15 Crystal Apple Award recipient while at his previous school, Stephen was recognized for being a fun and enthusiastic teacher. St. Ambrose Guardians are sure to benefit from the energetic demeanor and outlook on life that Stephen brings to a classroom! “My goal is to help students like being in school, even with it can feel heavy or overwhelming. So much of life depends on meeting it with a sense of optimism and fortitude,” said Stephen.

“My Catholic faith is essential to my vision of this goal”, he continued. “I always tell students that ‘today is a super amazing, beautiful day’ no matter what, because God made it.”

Students will be challenged and supported to remember, as Stephen said, that “our attitude towards a challenge is more important than the challenge itself.”

No matter what storms life may bring, helping students practice habits like grit and gratitude are life skills that can help them immeasurably throughout adolescence and adulthood. Whatever the class assignment, test, race, or extra-curricular activity, school is a training ground for these good habits, and we are grateful to have educators like Stephen diligently guiding young people as they spend formative years at St. Ambrose Academy!