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Joan Carey

Executive Director

“St. Ambrose Academy offers students rich soil for growth: vibrant, intelligent, holy teachers to mentor them and a student body journeying side by side together toward Christ. At St. Ambrose, living the Catholic faith feels normal!”

Joan Carey, one of the founders of St. Ambrose Academy, continues to embrace the highly important nature of the work of forming a Catholic school. Joan recognizes the world’s urgent need of Christians who can articulate the good news of Christ and firmly believes in the great difference that can be made in students’ intellectual and spiritual formation when the tools of classical education are put to work.

To her various roles within the school throughout the years, Joan has brought a vision and strong convictions about what can be possible in a Catholic school employing a classical model of education, as well as a knack for unifying and motivating colleagues to greatness. Joan has previously served as Director of Curriculum, teacher, and board member for fifteen years.  

Joan Carey and her husband Patrick are the parents of six St. Ambrose Academy graduates and are recipients of the Louis and Zélie Martin Award. Together, they own a technical documentation corporation. Joan completed four years in the University of Wisconsin Ph.D. medieval literature program, teaching multiple literature and composition courses, before giving birth to twins. Over the past thirty years, she has served on executive boards and committees for local, regional, and international charities.