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Joy Valladares-Cormier

Learning Coach

“This is one of the most pivotal ages for young people, when a lot of core ideas and beliefs are being solidified. I look forward to working in this kind of Catholic educational environment and being a witness as they are learning the tools and confidence they need to go out into the world. “

St. Ambrose welcomes Joy Valladares-Cormier as a member of our Learning Services Department She looks forward to getting to know students and offering them help!

As a cradle Catholic, Joy’s first experience with a classical Great Books-style class in high school had a significant impact on her faith. The class began to broaden her understanding of the Catholic faith as more than a set of rules, and she felt a great freedom in integrating faith into her daily life. She continued this pursuit during her undergraduate years at Franciscan University where she earned a bachelor’s in biology with a minor in chemistry while also participating in their Great Books Honors Program. With its classical format, students were able to dive into great literature and ideas in the program, which emphasized analytical reading, critical discussion, and expository writing.

Growing up in a military family, Joy has lived in cities throughout the United States, but had never been to Wisconsin before moving to Madison with her husband. She enjoys exploring the city and lists the Olbrich Botanical Gardens as a favorite spot.

She loves swimming, is an avid reader, and enjoys poetry and novel writing in her free time. Joy is also currently on the second draft of a novel! She describes the work as a Tolkien-like Catholic fantasy story, but with time travel and dragons, and aimed at young adult/high school audiences. Travel is another favorite pastime, enjoyed with her family growing up and as a student in Franciscan’s study abroad program. Joy has been to over 20 countries and is appreciative of the unique experiences she’s been able to have, such as snorkeling in the U.S. Virgin Islands, scuba diving in St. Lucia, and visiting family in Ireland.

Welcome, Joy, to the St. Ambrose Academy community!