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Ahrom Thompson


“I have heard that I have a lot of patience, but I think it’s just because whatever the students do is kind of cute and funny.”

Initially tasked by her parents to check out St. Ambrose on behalf of her high school brothers, Ahrom Thompson ended her tour of the school with an offer to teach math! It’s been ten years since Ahrom started her teaching career at St. Ambrose. Ahrom appreciates the family-like atmosphere of the school community. She also has enjoyed the time she’s spent with her students, who give her energy and from whom she’s learned a lot as well. Her students are quick to attest to her kind and patient demeanor and are regularly wowed by her dot and line drawings on the whiteboard and the fun she brings to the classroom. 

Ahrom loves spending time with her little daughter and is looking forward to bringing her back home to Korea to meet the rest of Ahrom’s family. In the summertime, Ahrom enjoys tackling house projects with her husband and traveling.

Ahrom has a M.S. in curriculum and instruction with a specialization in secondary mathematics education and a certificate in ESL, as well as a B.S. in mathematics, all from UW-Madison.