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Why We Have Study Halls

As students prepare for graduation and look back on what skills they have learned and are particularly grateful for, studying skills are often mentioned! The persistence to overcome distraction or persevere through a particularly difficult assignment gives them the self-confidence that they can overcome greater and greater challenges.

These students reflect that St. Ambrose has helped them learn how to balance their time, accomplish goals, and prepare for whatever new adventure awaits them after graduation.

All study halls begin with a period of silent study, which helps students work through assignments on their own. Most study halls will follow that with “collaboration time,” in which students are able to work together on group projects, collaborate on assignments, or just hang out.

We pray that these times of study hall are used well and that our students grow through their academic studies, friendships, and skills during their time as a St. Ambrose Guardian – much like this great study hall story shared by one of our parent volunteers!

Study Hall Reminders

Our classrooms each have a series of fun posters with reminders for our students about the benefits of using their time well in study hall! Each day brings new opportunities to practice virtue and learn habits that will make students reach their greatest potential. St. Ambrose, pray for them!