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Algebra Course Outline

The Algebra course is designed for students who have demonstrated mastery of arithmetic and pre-algebra as outlined in the Math 6 and Pre-Algebra curriculum and shown the ability to engage in abstract mathematical reasoning. Algebra provides the critical foundation for future math courses. The language and concepts are more formal than offered in Pre-Algebra and offer a more sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts.

Chapter 2: Operations with Negative Numbers

  • calculations with negative and signed numbers
  • commuting and associating
  • equations with two transformations

Chapter 3: Distributing Axioms and Other Properties

  • distribution multiplication over addition and subtraction
  • like terms and common factors
  • more distributive properties
  • axioms for adding and multiplying
  • properties of equality

Chapter 4: Harder Equations

  • equations with like terms and distributing
  • equations with variable in both members
  • equations that involve decimals
  • literal equations and formulas

Chapter 13: Inequalities

  • number-line graphs
  • solving inequalities
  • inequalities involving absolute values

Chapter 5: Some Operations with Polynomials and Radicals

  • polynomials
  • product of two binomials
  • factoring quadratic trinomials
  • Squaring a binomial
  • factoring trinomial squares
  • radical and irrational numbers

Chapter 6: Quadratic Equations

  • Evaluating radical expressions
  • Equations with absolute values
  • Equations with squares and trinomial squares
  • completing the square
  • the Quadratic Formula
  • quadratic word problems
  • the Discriminant

Chapter 7: Expressions and Equations Containing Two Variables

  • Evaluating 2-variable expressions
  • the Cartesian Coordinate System
  • Graphs of equations with two variables
  • intercepts and slopes
  • graphing
  • solving systems of equations by substitution and combination
  • word problems with two variables

Chapter 9: Properties of Exponents

  • Prime number and prime factors
  • Exponentiation, products, and powers
  • Negative and Zero Exponents
  • Powers of 10 and Scientific Notation

Chapter 10: More Operations with Polynomials

  • Greatest common factors
  • factoring polynomials that have common factors
  • common binomial factors
  • factoring by grouping
  • solving quadratic equations by factoring

Chapter 11: Rational Algebraic Expressions

  • simplifying rational expressions
  • multiplying and dividing rational expressions
  • least common multiples
  • operations with rational expressions
  • long division of polynomials
  • extraneous solutions

Chapter 12: Radical Algebraic Expressions (as time allows)

  • operations with radicals
  • binomials with radicals
  • square roots
  • radical equations
  • higher-order radicals

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