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Rick Mills


“I think Catholic education is a wonderful thing. It’s a priceless gift that we give our young people. It’s going to further the Church and I think it’s critically important that we continue that mission.”

As president of the St. Ambrose board, Rick Mills is proud to continue St. Ambrose’s mission of providing young people with an academically rigorous education that is centered on Christ. Through his own experience of having three children graduate from St. Ambrose, Rick is amazed by the fruits of classical education in the St. Ambrose graduates and what they’ve been able to accomplish. 

Rick enriches the board with his organizational background in mechanical engineering, as well as his own strong faith. He is a mechanical engineering manager at Rockwell Automation in Middleton who holds patents in research and development. He is also a Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre and a former grand knight of the Knights of Columbus. When not busy with parish life at Blessed Trinity Parish in Lodi and Dane, Rick loves getting outside to hike or run and traveling with his family.