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Business Math Course Outline

Business Math surveys various topics from a mathematical perspective. Manyy concepts will be applicable to personal finance, also. The main topic areas are accounting, budgeting, interest/time value of money, taxes, banking, credit, and insurance. If time allows, we touch on statistics and/or economics. Students are expected to show proficiency with these topics on paper and using Microsoft Excel.

Chapters 1: Review of Whole Numbers and Integers

  • Whole numbers 
  • Order of operations 
  • Rounding integers 

Chapter 2: Review of Fractions

  • Identifying fractions 
  • Operations with fractions  

Chapter 3: Decimals

  • Rounding decimals 
  • Operations with decimals 
  • Decimal – fraction conversions 

Chapter 5: Equations

  • Using equations to solve word problems 
  • Arranging equations 

Chapter 6: Percents

  • Percent equivalents 
  • Solving percentage problems 

Chapter 21: Financial Statements

  • Balance sheet 
  • Income statement 
  • Budgeting 

Chapter 11: Simple Interest and Simple Discount

  • Simple interest 
  • Ordinary and exact interest 
  • Promissory notes 

Chapter 12: Consumer Credit

  • Installment loans and closed-end credit 
  • Open-end credit 

Chapter 13: Compound Interest, Future Value, and Present Value

  • Compound interest and future value 
  • Present value 

Chapter 14: Annuities and Sinking Funds

  • Future value of an annuity  
  • Sinking funds and present value of an annuity 

Chapter 15: Building Wealth Through Investments

  • Stocks 
  • Bonds 
  • Mutual funds 

Chapter 16: Mortgages

  • Mortgage payments 
  • Amortization schedules 
  • Qualifying ratios 

Chapter 4: Banking

  • Checking account transactions 
  • Reconciling bank statements 

Chapter 10: Payroll

  • Gross pay 
  • Payroll deductions 
  • Employer payroll taxes 

Chapter 20: Taxes

  • Sales and excise taxes 
  • Property tax 
  • Income taxes 

Chapter 19: Insurance

  • Life insurance 
  • Property insurance 
  • Motor vehicle insurance

Chapter 7: Business Statistics

  • Graphs and charts 
  • Measures of central tendency 
  • Measures of dispersion 

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