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Calculus II Course Outline

This course continues from Calculus I for advanced students intent on taking the Calculus BC exam and uses Calculus: Early Transcendentals by Briggs & Cochran.

Chapters 2-6

  • review of Calculus AB topics

Chapter 6: Application of Integration

  • length of curves
  • physical applications
  • logarithmic and exponential models

Chapter 7: Integration Techniques

  • integration by parts
  • trigonometric integrals
  • trigonometric substitutions
  • partial fractions
  • numerical integrations
  • differential equations and slope fields

Chapter 8: Sequences and Infinite Series

  • sequences and series
  • infinite series
  • divergence and integral tests
  • ratio, root, and comparison tests
  • alternating series

Chapter 9: Power Series

  • approximately functions with polynomials
  • properties of power series
  • Taylor series

Chapter 10: Parametric and Polar Curves

  • parametric equations
  • polar coordinates
  • calculus in polar coordinates
  • conic sections

AP Calculus Prep

  • review and preparation for Calculus BC exam

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