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Latin Spotlight

Latin class with Dr. Ludvik isn’t just textbooks and quizzes, no way! He gives his Latin students a real taste of ancient Roman entertainment with a ‘spooky’ twist each October. As students recline on blankets to eat, just like the Romans, they enjoy a one-man theatrical performance of a story from Pliny the Younger about werewolves (and the Romans sure loved entertainment).

Dr. Ludvik reads this in Latin to each level that he teaches with intonation of voice and hand gestures to maximize comprehension before they discuss what the students could understand. He works with them to help them fill in any gaps. As students gain a better mastery of Latin throughout the grades, they’re able to pick up more pieces of the story as it’s being performed each successive year.

Kudos to Dr. Ludvik for such creativity and for bringing education alive in the classroom! 🎃

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