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John Marsland

Science and Math

“From my experience, St. Ambrose is unique in the way Catholicism and Godliness integrate into every subject and are earnestly pursued in every subject and classroom. I have always been impressed by the environment that Saint Ambrose students and staff have cultivated in carrying such genuine joy in the pursuit of Christ in all areas of student life.”

St. Ambrose welcomes John Marsland as a science and math teacher! John is no stranger to St. Ambrose Academy though, having graduated from the Academy in 2021. John graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison after three years, completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, Neurobiology, and Zoology.

During his time at St. Ambrose, John performed in St. Ambrose musicals, competed in athletics and participated in a variety of clubs. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, John was involved in the St. Paul’s Catholic Center community, singing in the choir for various masses. He looks forward to encouraging students in their own pursuit of new skills and extracurricular activities and benefiting as much as he has.

As a teacher, John is eager to help students “explore and understand God’s creations in math and science”. In his experience, “Catholic education provides a guiding principle for life that allows a student to feel fully confident in their place in the world around them and the Catholic identity integrates seamlessly into every situation.” He finds that a well-formed Catholic identity “takes on a beautiful role in motivating a student to learn about the intricate and intelligently designed world they live in and the ability to defend their faith from a scientific perspective.

In a world that often pits science or reason against faith, these lessons are always important to impart as students become faithful, articulate, critical thinkers who can share our Faith with joy! John is well-positioned to help guide young Guardians in just that.

Outside of the classroom, you can find John enjoying hobbies that include lifting, running, playing piano, and singing or spending time with family and friends. His future goals include attending medical school and applying his love of the sciences and faith in this important field.

Welcome (back), John!