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Junior High Elective Courses

Junior High students at St. Ambrose Academy are encouraged to explore elective studies outside of the core curriculum of English, History, Latin, Math, Religion, and Science, topics of interest that will be of great benefit to their intellectual and personal formation as they continue through grades 6-8 and then through Senior High electives.


Students are introduced to a variety of media with an emphasis on fine arts skills.


Band electives include individual instrument lessons, group lessons, end-of-semester performances, and other opportunities for playing publicly. Students in these programs also prepare for Solo/Ensemble competitions.


Music courses offer students an opportunity to focus on choral, solo, and ensemble singing. Music theory and the history of music in the Church are also taught. 

Physical Education

The “good, true, and beautiful” can be learned through physical exercise and sport as well as in academic courses. Students are introduced to a variety of games/activities throughout the year which include: volleyball, kickball, capture the flag, dodgeball, bowling, ice skating, pickleball, basketball, floor hockey, soccer, ultimate frisbee, sledding, badminton, and touch football.

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