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SAA Summer Workshops

Immersive & Educational

Technology. Writing. Props. Client input. Problem-solving. Filming. Acting. Crewing. Editing.

For one week, students enrolled in St. Ambrose Academy’s “Lights, Camera…Action!” Summer Workshop got the immersive experience of what it takes to take a client’s need for marketing and turn it into a 30-second ad spot that will win hearts and sell products and services.

Thanks to the generous people at Backflip and co-owner Ryan Freng, these students experienced the full package of pre-production, production, and post-production editing! Four groups of students worked together to create a pitch, get client approval, draft their storyboard and shots needed, assemble props and determine what special effects/techniques should be used, film, and edit their work.

Check out their finished ad spots below!

Toast Haven: 30-second ad spot to promote a breakfast restaurant.
Master Creative Co: 15-second ad spot (client didn’t have the money for 30!) to promote a puppet rental company.
Lawn City: 30-second ad spot promoting a lawn service company that prides itself on real, person-to-person, customer service and satisfaction.
Pink Flamingo: 30-second ad spot promoting a fun and memory-making product, an instant camera, that the client wanted to promote.