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Our New Look!

In summer 2021, the leadership of St. Ambrose Academy were proud to share a new website and logo. These creative efforts were undertaken with a nod to the past, incorporating the heart of our identity as a school community that is united by the time-tested methods of classical education and our Catholic faith.

The new St. Ambrose Academy logo design is rooted in the teaching authority of our patron saint, the Bishop of Milan. The enduring symbol of the bishop’s miter epitomizes how our Catholic academy integrates Church teaching, witness, and action.

  • The logo incorporates other symbols to highlight the unity of our classical pedagogy and faith identity.
  • The central cross, suggestive of the Jerusalem Cross and the wounds of Christ, emphasizes our rootedness in the mission of Jesus.
  • The fleur-de-lis crowning the miter honors the Trinity and the purity of the Blessed Mother; our protector St. Joseph is also often pictured holding lilies.
  • The traditional bee iconography of St. Ambrose, known as “the honey-tongued doctor,” is captured in the playful bee’s wings alongside the miter, which also evoke the stained glass windows that are a rich part of our architectural history.
  • The book and scroll point not only to the classical methods by which we achieve such great success, but they also provide the foundation for everything we do: the Word of God in Holy Scripture, Tradition, and the great literary, theological, philosophical, and historical works of western Christendom.
  • Finally, the font, an up-to-date take on historical Roman lettering, evokes our classical pedagogy.