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Student Life

March for Life Reflections

The March for Life: part high school sightseeing trip, part pilgrimage, part march to defend life. With the memories, the lack of sleep, opportunities for prayer, many beautiful churches, and powerful fellowship with thousands of peers from across the nation, this trip left its mark on the graduating class of 2023.

One senior said that, “the coolest part was seeing so many people all on the same side, marching to support the right to life. It was really fun to have this giant family road trip with all of my classmates.”

For another, a major highlight was the beautiful churches and side chapels they saw. From the grotto at St. Mary’s where you could pray, light a candle, and leave an intercession, to visiting the tomb of a saint, there was a lot of time to pray and take in the beauty of these religious spaces. It was also his first time traveling further than Illinois so seeing the national monuments in our nation’s capital – familiar only through tv and movies – was a highlight.

“We’re so lucky that we got to do this, the first march after Roe v. Wade was overturned. I think people are noticing the change that’s happening and that’s important, but we have to continue to work hard. In 4 months we’ll all graduate, but this experience is something I’ll keep forever.”

SAA parent and chaperone Ivonne B. also received so much, sharing this once-in-a-lifetime trip with her son and his classmates. She shared, “There’s so much HOPE and positivism in this world that keeps trying to tell us the opposite. One particular moment that stuck out to me was a speaker who has Down Syndrome who said, ‘I need you and the world needs me!’. As a mom who has a special needs son, I know how God puts those special people in our lives and it was just so beautiful to see her there on stage.”