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New Electives!

St. Ambrose Academy is excited to announce an expanded selection of elective classes for next year. In addition to Physical Education, Art, Music, and Band we are planning three new electives offerings: Drama, Philosophy, and Rhetoric.

It has long been one of our curriculum goals to expand our elective offerings and opportunities for our students, and with our student body and faculty expanding, we are finally in a position to do it!

Together with these new opportunities comes a new requirement: Beginning Fall 2023, Juniors and Seniors who are not taking a full load of six core courses will be required to take two elective courses each year (just as they are already required to do in every other grade). For students whose schedules allow it, this wider exposure to more elective topics of interest will be of great benefit to their intellectual and personal formation.

For parents who are already enrolled, you’ll be hearing soon from our Dean of Students about our first-ever online course registration, which will allow you and your child to determine together what electives will be most enriching!

For prospective parents who are curious about the academic, personal, and spiritual formation available to students in grades 6-12 at St. Ambrose Academy, we invite you to contact us for a personal visit or phone call to learn more!