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St. Ambrose Academy fights for the right to

In-Person religious Education

Beginning in August 2020, St. Ambrose Academy fought and won a Wisconsin Supreme Court lawsuit that began with the grassroots aid of 850 supporters who raised over $100,000 in a single weekend. Those financial resources and the generous time given by families, volunteers, and supporters means that now and in the future religious schools are protected from regulation denying educational opportunities to our children against the will of their parents.


St. Ambrose Academy Challenges Unconstitutional School Closure Order

On Friday, August 21, 2020, an emergency order, the ninth of its kind, was issued at 5:18 PM, closing in-person instruction in Dane County only days before St. Ambrose Academy was scheduled to reopen and a mere sixty hours before other religious schools were prepared to begin instruction.

What Happened Next

A Grassroots Effort Leads to Success

Over a matter of days, 850+ donors gave St. Ambrose Academy the confidence to pursue legal action to defend parents’ rights to choose the best educational option – working within the established public health criteria – for their children. St. Ambrose invited other local schools and parishes to join the fight and together we successfully defended the rights of parents and religious liberty.



St. Ambrose Academy

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