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Student Life

Spring Arts Showcase

Another first in our history: the first Spring Arts Showcase took place at St. Ambrose Academy last Tuesday evening!

Throughout our 20 years, there has always been a rich appreciation of the arts at St. Ambrose, which has seen many students develop their talents in visual and performing arts of all stripes – and some alumni even going on to pursue careers in the arts. This new Showcase gives new opportunities for students to work towards a goal, improve their techniques, show their work to an audience, and gather our community together.

Students showcased all disciplines of Art including choral music, instrumental and vocal solo and ensemble, speeches, debates, art galleries, drama skits, and poetry/short fiction throughout the night. There was a great audience for each performer, and the students truly excelled at their crafts.

Ms. Tratar, our music teacher and head of our Fine Arts department was key to the organization and success of the night. She shared that, “One of the things so great about our school is how supportive the community is! There was a fantastic turnout, and it was amazing to see how supported our students are in their endeavors and achievements!”

One parent noted how delightful it was to peruse the artworks in the hallways, watching the students explain their works, and that she “was blown away by the choirs! They’re really doing great things, and I love that we get to see it unfold right before our eyes with our girls right in the middle of it all.”

Thanks to the large number of students who volunteered their afternoon to make the school ready for the show. They worked hard to make the school sparkle and transform into a large multi-media performance space. And thank you to all who attended and who support these talented young men and women each day – we hope you enjoyed the evening!

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