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Immersive Classical Classroom Experiences

Ancient Myths, Soup, and Sixth Graders

A Day in an Immersive Classical Classroom

The sixth grade class recently enjoyed an immersive experience in English class with Dr. Nielsen! Our English curriculum dives into several mythologies – Greek, Norse, and Egyptian.

Lately, the class has been reading the Egyptian myths followed by The Golden Goblet, a children’s historical novel set in ancient Egypt. But why stop at reading about ancient Egypt when you can experience it through one of the core ways we explore other cultures – food!

Thanks to many parent volunteers, students enjoyed a huge feast based on foods mentioned in The Golden Goblet, including lentils, salted fish, onions, figs, dates, bread, cheese, and honey cakes.

And because she’s a pro at classical education and knows how to really go all out to help students learn and enjoy the subject material, Dr. Nielsen prepared a lentil dish based on an actual recipe discovered in ancient sources!

If you want to enjoy a little immersive ancient meal of your own, check out Zeno’s Lentil Soup!

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