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Join St. Ambrose Academy for a faculty speaker event featuring Ms. Theresa Klinkhammer, SAA religion teacher and Director of Student Ministries. Ms. Klinkhammer will share a talk based on a text that is a part of our senior high religion curriculum and is especially timely for Catholics who want to incorporate their faith more into their daily lives.

Blessed Columba Marmion was a leader of the liturgical renewal in the early 20th century. His book, Christ in His Mysteries, shows how we enter into the mysteries of Christ’s life by living liturgically.

This talk will first delve into Marmion’s thought concerning participation in Christ’s mysteries and then explore this idea through looking at the power of the propers of the Mass, especially those of the Easter season.

Winter Dads’ Get-Together
From SAA dad Matt Hirscher: Matt Hirscher (Tess, 9th) is hosting an SAA Winter Event – Dad’s Listening Night: Friday Feb 18, 7:00 p.m., at 1706 Lewon Drive, one block from SMG. Last song spins at 9:45.
Bring vinyl, an iphone or even a CD with some songs that you’d like to share. Drinks and snacks provided, but feel free to bring some to share. General routine is each guy gets to play 2 songs while others enjoy. Get exposed to some new tunes enjoying playback on an audiophile-worthy tube amp. More rock, less talk. RSVP to Matt Hirscher – Hope you can come.
Please note that you should e-mail Matt directly to RSVP or with questions. Dads, it’s your chance to have a great guys-only time!
January Moms’ Get-Together
Vivi Watkins (Caroline is in 10th grade) will be graciously opening her home for a moms’ get-together on Thursday, January 27, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. While many who work during the day will not be able to join us, we are hoping that a number of moms will be able to have a nice getaway to picturesque, tranquil Blanchardville. Please view the invitation here:
Laura Karlen will drive her big white van out to Blanchardville, if you’d like to carpool. Please contact Vivi Watkins ( if you have questions. It should be fun!