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Scholastic Disputation

Last Friday, the 9th and 10th graders partook in a time-honored medieval-style scholastic disputation, with Dr. John Joy dressed in full academic regalia sitting in judgment! Students each chose and researched their position and then lined up on either side of the classroom to debate the question, “Can a good Christian be a Communist?”

Students cited various texts and arguments to defend their position and had a chance to address the opposing side’s arguments during their allotted time. The 8th block freshmen showed particular solidarity with their separate sides, applauding each of their peers after they presented! A few sophomores even chose some dubious, though hilarious, Russian accents (plus paper mustaches and paper ‘fur’ hats) to add some extra flair alongside their argument that a Communist could, in fact, be a good Christian.

All in all, it was an enlightening display of the development of skills learned through classical education! Dr. Joy will present his judgments to each class this week; may the best arguments win!