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St. Ambrose welcomes Joy Valladares-Cormier as a member of our Learning Services Department She looks forward to getting to know students and offering them
St. Ambrose warmly welcomes Fr. Jared Holzhuter as our new chaplain! Fr. Jared, a Janesville native, attended UW-Madison where he received a bachelor’s in
Emily brings many gifts to the St. Ambrose classroom! Emily is a graduate of UW-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a
In her role as our administrative assistant, Ivonne enjoys welcoming all school visitors, serving as a reachable and friendly resource to all those who
Initially tasked by her parents to check out St. Ambrose on behalf of her high school brothers, Ahrom Thompson ended her tour of the
Aaron Roser joins the St. Ambrose Academy team this year, as a math and science teacher. After first moving from his home state of
Dr. Constance Nielsen has been with St. Ambrose since its founding and served in various roles throughout the years as Dean of Faculty and
After receiving an undergrad in chemistry and biochemistry from Drake University and her master’s of secondary education from UW-Madison, Quinn Meyers enjoys sharing her
Susie Melk returns to her home state after several years in Colorado and joins the St. Ambrose Academy faculty as an English teacher! Born
Rob Marsland has a long history with St. Ambrose Academy: one of the first founding families, a former Board member, sometime geometry tutor…and now
Dean of Students, college counselor, and Latin and English teacher, Dr. Mary Skemp is a true asset to St. Ambrose! In the classroom, Mary
Dean of Academic Success and history and science teacher Michael Kwas has been with St. Ambrose for over nine years. In spring 2023, he
St. Ambrose owes its smooth operations to the hard work of Kim Gilmore, who combines several different administrative roles into one position due to
Dr. John Joy first joined the St. Ambrose faculty as ninth-grade religion teacher before taking on the role of Dean of Faculty. Before this,
Carolyn Averill brings a unique perspective to her role as advancement director. As a convert to Catholicism, Carolyn understands the experience of being on
As Director of Enrollment and Retention, Angela Hineline values being the first point of contact when a family is searching for a great school,
Joe Draves is passionate about offering young people a complete education that can be a refuge and oasis in the world, one that corresponds
In his sixteen years as principal, Scott has blessed the school with his ability to listen carefully to the concerns of the faculty and
Joan Carey, one of the founders of St. Ambrose Academy, continues to embrace the highly important nature of the work of forming a Catholic
Latin and history teacher Dr. Geoffrey Ludvik is a biblical archeologist who’s passionate about making history relatable to his students in order to get
The talented Dr. Denise Ludvik is in her second year at St. Ambrose, teaching biology to our freshmen. Denise is eager to share with
Joel Kurth enjoys his time in the classroom as St. Ambrose’s business math teacher. Joel believes that the practical applications of business math, such
St. Ambrose Academy welcomes Mr. Marlow Gazzoli, who joins the Academy as a Latin and Math teacher! Born and raised in St. Louis, MO,
In addition to her current role as Learning Coach, Liz also previously worked as the school secretary for three years before departing to raise
Mrs. Francis hails from nearby Deforest and attended UW-Madison for Music Education. She met her husband Patrick, a fellow music major, in classes and
Originally from Northwest Illinois, Mrs. Foat earned a dual bachelors in Spanish and Latin American Studies with an emphasis in Political Science from Rockford
St. Ambrose is delighted to have Karen Edie as art teacher. Karen is a firm believer in hard work over talent. She often encourages
St. Ambrose science and math students are often treated to carefully crafted, personalized curriculum from longtime science and math teacher and St. Ambrose founding
After leading two Beloved women’s small groups at St. Ambrose Academy, Penina Boros now also joins the faculty as Student Mentor and 6th and
Katie Behrens has taught English and grammar at St. Ambrose for the past seven years and serves as the Director of Student Activities for